Filmed at various locations in the Philippines, Indie Film Director Myrlino P. Hufana, ventures into the heartland of Arnisadors, Eskrimadors and Kalisadors, in search of the legendary Warrior Arts and its top exponents.  In this full-length featured film, you will see and hear several incredible Masters and Grandmasters, some of which are world-reknowned and some unknown.  They shared their beloved Art, the legacy bestowed upon them by their Father and/or Teacher.  On March of 2010, PG Hufana and a "skeleton" film crew set off to the Philippine Islands.  A couple months after returning, film producers submitted the documentary film to at least 9 major international film festivals, where it was later "selected" into their National and International Film Festivals.  Eventually, Voices of the Masters: Warrior Arts of the Philippines received one of the most prestigious film awards - 2010 New York International Film Festival Award for Best Sports Documentary.  An unexpected pleasant surprise!  Most importantly, it was a great honor to have shared to the world Philippines' very own Martial Arts and the proud people that took part in the making of the film.  

Directed & Produced by Myrlino P. Hufana

Co-Produced by Barclay Powers (Golden Elixir Productions) and Malcolm Keithley (M&M Production)

Cinematographer/Camera by Brett Higgins and Assistant Photographer/Camera by Paul A. Quinn

Voices of the Masters: Warrior Arts of the Philippines

I watched the DVD last night and I enjoyed it very much.  It exposed me to many styles of Eskrima that I had not previously learned about before.  It's always fascinating to hear the Masters and Grandmasters tell their story.  I especially enjoyed how the movie was filmed all over different islands of the Philippines, compared to other Eskrima documentaries that usually focus on the island of Cebu.  It was also very cool to see the segments about the making of traditional Filipino weapons (rattan sticks, blades, and balisongs).  My prior Eskrima training has been in Cacoy Doce Pares with limited exposure to Balintawak and Serrada as well.  I knew there were more styles of Eskrima and I'm glad that your movie covered a range of styles that don't seem to have become quite as commercialized.  Thank you for bringing attention to these other styles and spreading the beauty of the Filipino Martial Arts.  I'm fortunate to have stumbled upon your excellent documentary.  Thank you sir, - Tim Hyles, Walnut Creek, CA, USA June 2020 

Hello PG HUfana, I was able to watch Voices of the Masters over the Memorial Day holiday.  The pride and love these masters have for the Filipino Martial Arts comes through strongly in their words, faces and voices.  Thank you for taking the time and effort to capture not just the physical aspect of FMA but also the cultural importance of these ancestral arts to the Filipino people.  Also great to see that you've been able to impart your knowledge and teachings to your children, transmitting your family's legacy to the next generation. - Steve Sison, Medfield, MA, USA, May 2019  

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