Friends & Partners

Friends - Martial Arts Masters & Grandmasters! 

Friends may be easy to make, but creating Brotherhood in the Warrior Arts of the Philippines requires trust and respect.  Here's a list of friends in a small circle of Brotherhood...Kapisanan!

Academy Partners - We do business with trusted people!

It's hard to find a business that you can trust these days.  Over the years I have found that referring and recommending a small business takes personal experience and years of building a strong relationship.  Small businesses are the life-blood of America!  Here's a list of businesses whom I have developed great relationships over the years.   Enjoy! - PG Hufana

Articles - Of interest!

We are always refreshing our collection and bringing new styles. Whether you have a favorite designers or clothing company, make sure to check back often. You never know what promotions we will be running or special collection will make it to our shelves.

Martial Arts is not just about fighting and training.  The results from years of dedicated training and unique experience can help others with insights that may help others in various ways.  Here's a list of growing special articles tha you may find interesting and good read.