Our Academy opened its doors on November 1, 1991, officially as "Bellevue Martial Arts Academy".  It all began with Master Myrlino Pascua Hufana, a true "Guro" of Martial Arts!  His journey in the martial arts began at the young age of 7 under the tutelage of his father, Ysmael Rivera Hufana, Sr., an Eskrimador and an amateur 3-round boxer in the Philippines.  The family-lineage Eskrima is traced back to Master Hufana's great-grandfather, Theodoro Hufana, a priest from Madrid, Spain, who preached during the day and practiced with local eskrimadors during the night.  The basics of eskrima and boxing was taught to Master Hufana and his two younger brothers at a young age.  The brothers also learned Doshin-kan Karate from the late Shihan Morris L. Mack (Yakima, WA).  In Junior Highschool (Lewis & Clark), Master Hufana was part of the wrestling team, baseball team, and track & field team, where he continued to excel and earned honors throughout highschool (Eisenhower HS, Yakima, WA).  

Since 1969, Punong Guro Myrlino P Hufana, aside from his father, has learned and trained from some of the top teachers of Filipino Martial Arts.  One of his most inspiring teacher was the late great Professor Remy Amador Presas (Founder of Modern Arnis, IMAF, MAFP), where he earned the rank and title of Punong Guro (Principal Teacher) on 10/15/1998.  Another teacher is the legendary Grandmaster Ramiro U. Estalilla, Jr. (Estalilla Kabaroan Eskrima), where he earned the rank and title of Certified Instructor (6th Dan) and Associate Grandmaster on 8/14/2005.  PG Hufana continues to learn from GM Estalilla with the emphasis on Largo-Mano methods and Philippine Culture.  Other training and fighting principle influences came from other top teachers and friends - GM Roland Pintoy Dantes (Modern Arnis), GM Conrad Manaois (MSI Systems), GM Antonio Diego (Kalis Ilustrisimo), Master Ariel Flores Mosses (MSI, Lameco SOG, Kalis Ilustrisimo, Combat Eskrima), and other combat-oriented Philippine Masters.  

Aside from PG Hufana's extensive experience in FMA, he's also trained in Traditional Taekwondo since 1982, earning several Black Belts with ATA (2nd Dan), ITKF (3rd Dan), and HTF (4th, 5th Dan).  Master Hufana earned his 5th Degree Black Belt/Master Instructorship on 6/24/2000 from the late Grandmaster Jack Pierce.  Since the death of GM Pierce, he has stopped seaking TKD teachers to gain further instructions or ranking. 

Master Hufana continous to teach at his family-owned martial arts studio - Bellevue Martial Arts Academy LLC since 1991.  Teaching others his beloved martial arts is his passion.  Teaching a select number of personal students weekly, along with teaching/hosting groups through HTAI ARNIS Spring/Summer/Fall camps, including women's self-defense keep him in constant action...just the way he likes it.

Today, Bellevue Martial Arts Academy LLC offers several classes in Traditional TAEKWONDO and the HTAI Arnis Systems (Filipino Combative Arts) to students of all levels willing to learn.  Punong Guro/Kwan Jang Nim HUFANA is assisted by his top HQ Instructors - Kyosa Nim Gary Bruestle, Maestro Kevin Schultz, and Senior Guro Bryon Bermodes.  He is supported by his wife, Tess R Hufana, and closely advised by Maestro Michael R Hufana and Master Lizelle R Hufana.