We would like congratulate, Myrlino Hufana, on his 25th Anniversary as the leader, PG, teacher, friend and uncle to our family.  We are proud to   be part of the BMAA family.  For our family, this journey started 20 years ago.  We found our way to the BMAA studio at Crossroads (Bellevue).  We walked in with our three boys, one of which was too young at the time, Vinnie, but the other two, David and Anthony were set to go for their one week trial.  That was all it took, we signed the boys up and their Tae Kwon Do training began.  We have so many memories and stories that would fill a book.  The many tournaments that we went to, from Oregon to Vancouver, B.C., they were all experiences that the boys learned and grew from, we all did!  The one thing that we quickly learned when we joined BMAA, and met Myrlino and Tess, is that we became part of the "BMAA Family".  Over the past 20 years Myrlino and Tess have been an incredible support to our family.  This studio is more than just instructing students on their forms and sparring in TKD, and their stick and knife movements in ARNIS.  It is truly about integrity, and not just when you are at BMAA.  Myrlino teaches lifelong lessons to each and every boy, girl, man and woman who participate.   We are forever grateful for all of the love and discipline that Myrlino showed to our boys and our family.  He held each one of them accountable, both in and out of the studio and their practices.  He helped them grow into the men that they are today.  The each respect their "Uncle Myrlino" tremendously.  We were always amazed at the patience that Myrlino showed during some difficult situations.  Strong, intense, but always there to listen and advice.  We know that Myrlino did not do this alone.  Always by his side was Tess.  We love Auntie Tess!

Congratulations on 25 years of being an amazing role model for all of the young people that have come across the doorway of the BMAA studio.  May your good fortune continue for many, many, more years.  We love you and thank you for everything you have done for our family since we first met, over 20 years ago! 

Love from the Anastasis - Dave, Connie, David, Anthony and Vincent, Renton/Bellevue, 12/2016

This is one of the best martial arts schools I have attended.  I have been to a few different schools.  One was even taught by an Olympic gold medalist in Taekwondo in Portland, OR.  While the instructor had good techniques for sports/competition, I doubt it was good enough for the streets because the black belts could not even perform basic self-defense techniques that I was taught at Bellevue Martial Arts Academy while I was a green belt.  At Bellevue Martial Arts Academy, the instructors are knowledgeable on both Taekwondo and the Filipino Martial Arts.  I am confident what I have learned and will be able to protect myself and go home if the worst situation happened to me in the street.  If you want to learn real, practical defending techniques, you should go check out this school.  Frankie Yiu, Redmond, WA

I have been training under the Hufana Traditional Arnis Int'l (HTAI) System since December 2011.  HTAI's system is straightforward, combative, realistic, and very practical.  I train with Maestro Edwin T. Peregrino down in Anaheim, CA, but we do come up to Bellevue Martial Arts Academy once or twice a year for PG Hufana's annual Spring and Fall camps.  Although we only see PG Hufana and the rest of the crew a few times a year, everyone is still treated like family.  There are no egos here, and everyone is more than willing to help you train and improve your skillset.  Just make sure to come with an open mind, and empty your cup (or bucket as PG says).  If you're looking for a place to train in martial arts, this is it!   Elijah Guingab, Anaheim, CA

I started training in Arnis (FMA) at Bellevue Martial Arts Academy back in September 2002 and it was the best decision I've made regarding my martial arts training.  BMAA is a family-owned business and that's exactly what you get, a family-oriented business where everyone is family.  Training is one of the best I've seen or experienced.  It is very practical and PG Hufana trailors his teaching and family system to be as combative and realistic as possible.  What I love the most about the Arnis classes are the brotherhood.  All the Arnis guys help each other, all instructors are open minded and very helpful.  Although I moved back to California in 2007, I continue to train under PG Hufana and I fly back to Seattle twice a year to get my fill of brotherhood and intensive training.  I highly recommend this school and PG Hufana.  Edwin T. Peregrino, Anaheim, CA

Great place for Martial Arts training!  I have been here for 20 years.  You walk in the door and you're part of the family.  Real world training, you'll learn things (Arnis) in class that can "save your bacon" on the street.  As a 30+ year veteran of Law Enforcement, I have used things I have learned from PG Hufana's training to protect myself and others in real street confrontations.  Maraming Salamat Po PG for keeping me safe and getting me home!  Dave "Bubba" Devore, Issaquah, WA

My son has been taking lessons here for past 7 years.  Master Hufana is passionate about teaching traditional taekwondo.  Students pay a set fee per month for 3 lessons per week.  You learn real defense skills and spar weekly.  After all these years, my son is now a confident 14 yr old with rock hard muscles on his arms and legs.  At school, he has stepped in to diffuse fights and speaks up for the those being ridiculed.  The business is family owned so you become a part of their family.  If you want honest instructors who can not only teach good fighting techniques but how to be a good person, this is the place for you.  I only wish I had done this early in my life to get those nice muscles!  One other thing, they don't give out belts just for showing up.  You actually have to earn it!  Michele Fang, Parent, Medina, WA 2018

Dear Master Hufana & Mrs Hufana, Shivansh and I are extremely grateful to be a part of the Bellevue Martial Arts Academy, or our second home.  You have taught us so much over the course of 11 years - whether it be how to defend ourselves or to become better, well-rounded people.  Your lessons & teachings will forever be engraved in our hearts and brains, and we will be sure to visit the academy frequently!  Thank you for your teaching and welcoming us into your family & academy.  Shivansh & Neharika Padhi, Bellevue, WA (August 2021).  Shivansh is finishing his college experience in Boston, MA this December 2021, while Neharika prepares for college in New York!

My Family's Journey to Confidence and Strength at BMAA

Enrolling my son at Bellevue Martial Arts Academy (BMAA) over five years ago was a decision driven by the need to help my son manage his emotions.  At that time, a friend had suggested Martial Arts as an excellent tool for emotional balance, self-confidence, and physical strength.  Despite the challenges we were facing, we decided to embrace this new path.  My research led me to BMAA, which stood out for its positive feedback and stellar reputation.  The academy, run by the founder and his family, exuded dedication and commitment, which immediately gave me confidence in our choice. The growth in my son since joining BMAA has been astounding.  He has not only mastered emotional control but also developed remarkable mental strength.  His serious approach to Martial Arts has positively influenced his behavior and activities outside the academy. Encouraged by these results, I recommended BMAA to my youngest daughter, who was initially shy and apprehensive about Taekwondo.  She needed a confidence boost and help in affirming herself.  Her journey at BMAA has been transformative, mirroring the positive changes I saw in my son.  Master Hufana and his wife's methodology in runnning the academy, emphasizing seriousness, commitment, and respect, has had a profound impact on my children.  I wholeheartedly recommend BMAA to parents seeking a nurturing and empowering environment for their children.  The life skills and growth that BMAA fosters extend well beyond the martial arts training, equipping young individuals to face various life challenges with confidence and strength. 

Myriam Gahimbare, Bellevue, WA (December 2023)   

What Students and Families have been saying over the years

Thanks for all the work you put into me and my kids!

Are you motivated to learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones?  Are you looking to improve your reflexes and grow your awareness?  Bellevue Martial Arts Academy provides a comprehensive approach.  

The Who:  Building great students through values and community.  The What:  Tools such as stick, knife and hand.

The How:  Scenario based training and bouting that instills practical aspects of self-defense.

PG/Master Hufana is also one of the only rhythm-based martial arts practitioners in the Puget Sound region. Highly recommended!

Ben Schultz, Bellevue, WA (February 2024)