FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS (FMA), aka Arnis, Eskrima and Kali, is a Warrior Art indigenous to the Philippines with over 1500 years of history.  FMA is not a popularized mixed martial arts or sports program.  It is a weapons based and stand-alone combative system that focuses on self-preservation and survival.  Well known for its "Stick-fighting" and "Edged Weapons" training and highly effective applications, our Academy's FMA training curriculum also includes the empty hands (mano a mano, panantukan, boksing) and controlling/manipulation techniques (buno, dumog, trankada)  that are highly effective as applied in close quarters (CQC) and street fighting scenarios...perfect for those in Law Enforcement, Military, Personal Security and Self-Defense instructors.  However, FMA is not limited to the professionals.  Civilians of all levels of proficiency and martial arts background are highly encouraged!  The HTAI Arnis Systems is an excellent program for everyone, specially women and teens!  Once your skills in edged and impact weapons have developed, you will absolutely neutralize the obvious physical size difference; it is the perfect neutralizer!
The HTAI Arnis Systems is taught directly by its Pundador (founder) and Punong Guro (Head Teacher & Grandmaster), Myrlino P. Hufana.  Punong Guro's experience stems from his first exposure to the family art at the age of 6-7.  Over 50 years later, he continues to hone and develop his skills and improves his knowledge of the indigenous fighting art.  Teaching for over 28 years, he finds enjoyment and satisfaction imparting his knowledge to his students and helping them to develop and improve at their own speed of learning.
Punong Guro's teachers and mentors include his late father Ysmael Rivera Hufana, Sr., the legendary Professor Remy Amador Presas of Modern Arnis, and living legend Grandmaster Ramiro U. Estalilla, Jr. of Rigoran Estalilla Kabaroan Eskrima.  More about Punong Guro Hufana and the HTAI Arnis Systems can be learned once you become an active student.  

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