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COME TRIAL A CLASS TODAY!  Bellevue Martial Arts Academy/HTAI was established in 1991, offering traditional classes in TAEKWONDO and authentic Fililpino Martial Arts (Arnis/Eskrima/Kali) to anyone hungry to learn and venture in its life-changing experiences! 

We offer separate Taekwondo programs for kids (ages 5 to 12) and teens/adults.  Our HTAI ARNIS is a specialized program for teens and adults only, perfect for those with looking for a more direct approach to self-defense and weapons training.  We encourage everyone to take up martial arts training not only for its natural benefits from fitness and self-defense, but also for character improvement, specially for the kids and teens. 

FREE Trial Class!  Check out a class of your choice (TKD or ARNIS) before you begin your journey with us!  For further inquirey, please fill in the boxes below. 

 1-Mo training + uniform = $99