Welcome to our official website!  The home of Bellevue Martial Arts Academy and Hufana Traditional Arnis Int'l, established in 1991. We offer classes in Traditional TAEKWONDO (I.T.F. Patterns) and authentic Fililpino Martial Arts    of Arnis/Eskrima/Kali.  Our entire Martial Arts program emphasize SELF-DEFENSE as a focal point of our training, maintaining martial traditions and effectiveness of each system. 

    We encourage everyone to take up martial arts training for its natural benefits - developing physical fitness/coordination, mental health/focus, and character improvement.   Martial Arts is excellent for children, teens, women and men! 

   Start your Martial Arts training today and build a lifetime of worthwhile experience!  Schedule your appointment today for your FREE Trial Session!  You can also complete the questionnaire below and we will respond ASAP. 

We Are Open!!! 
We are currently open for Phase 2 and will update our site once approved for Phase 3.  Stay healthy be safe!

We are located at the Overlake Business Parks

Look for building #4